Welcome to #TT4C

(Telford's Time 4 Change)

We are dedicated to supporting victims and survivors and raising the awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation/Abuse

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Telford's Time 4 Change (#TT4C) is where you can find support as VICTIMS, SURVIVORS, PARENTS & YOUNG PEOPLE.  

We are a voluntary group trying our best to: 

LISTEN to the survivors 

EDUCATE the community against the dangers and risks of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

PROTECT children and young people from the dangers and harm of CSE.


We hope to achieve this through the strength of working collaboratively with Survivors, local authorities and members of the community, listening to those who need to be heard and always putting their welfare first.  By learning from the past and using best practices and new ways to raise awareness throughout our community we aim to maximise the safety of our children.  

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Follow this LINK to find out about how snap chat can show the EXACT location fo your child

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