#TT4C Made Ambassadors to 'My Body is My Body'....
21st May 2018

#TT4C are delighted to announce that they have been made Ambassadors to the 'My Body is My Body' musical child abuse prevention programme.  The programme is an international initiative originating from the United Kingdom and is a set of resources that are FREE to use to educate young children on staying safe and protecting themselves from sexual abuse.  Please visit the site here and listen to some of the songs, they are very catchy! We also have one of the videos on our 'Young People's' page here

Engagement and Understanding of Local Police Initiatives....
17th May 2018

#TT4C recently had a meeting with Sgt Ram Aston from the Harm Reduction Unit for Telford Police.  The meeting, albeit informal, was very informative and it was very reassuring to see the amount of initiatives that are currently being run in the area to prevent/reduce the occurrence of crime and disorder.  Most notably were the initiatives working with schools and young people and particular attention being given to the night time economy in training and awareness for CSA

Pop up Banner in the Wellington Library...
16th May 2018

Delighted that Wellington library offered floor space for us to place our pop up banner today.  The banner will aim to raise awareness of the group and will be accompanied by leaflets and business cards to signpost the group to those who may benefit from its support. 

We hope to move the banner around periodically to give the group exposure and raise awareness.  If you know of somewhere that would benefit from hosting our banner for a week, please get in touch

Parents Warned to be Vigilant Against Online Groomers....
15th May 2018

Parents have been warned to be vigilant after a study found children are being groomed to live stream their own sexual abuse from home.  In just three months researchers from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) found more than 2,000 videos of live streamed child abuse on the internet..... READ MORE HERE

Here you can find updates and news on what the #TT4C have been up to. 

Interim Report of the IICSA Released
10th May 2018

The Independent Inquiry in to Child Sexual Abuse have released their Interim report which can be downloaded (PDF) via the 'PDF' icon next to this text. 

Click here to download the report

Meeting the IICSA at Telford Stakeholders Meeting
30th April 2018

On Monday 30th April 2018, #TT4C were invited to attend a meeting organised by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) who will be bringing The Truth Project to town, known more specifically as 'Telford will be heard'.  The day brought stakeholders together in one environment to inform what the project would look like, its aims, objectives and scope.  It was a great event with a strong turnout of people representing survivors, the local government, support organisations and agencies, volunteer groups and more.  Two survivors provided an insight into their stories which were very powerful accounts of their past and how it had affected their lives.  There was even a song of Danny's story (from Shatter Boys UK) which amplified his story, very powerful!  

Everyone in the room was positive with what was needed and that a cohesive and collaborative approach by all stakeholders all working together was the only way to move forward.

'Telford will be heard' is needed and #TT4C will do everything we can to promote it to those who have something to say and who need to be heard. 

Click on the links to learn more!

Safeguarding & Awareness Training
27th April 2018

On Thursday 26th April 2018, #TT4C were invited to attended 'Safeguarding & Awareness Training' at the Whitehouse Hotel in Wellington.  The training was provided to the staff of the hotel by PC Claire Walker-Shale of the West Mercia Police, Harm Reduction Unit and included awareness on matters surrounding CSE, Domestic Violence, substance misuse and prostitution.  #TT4C were delighted to be offered time to present to those present, about #TT4C and the work that is being done by them.  A great example of working collaboratively to bring about change.  

Raising Awareness in Wellington
27th April 2018

On Thursday 26th April 2018 #TT4C were in Wellington town distributing some of the awareness and support flyers to various establishments including; The leisure centre, library, Citizens advice bureau, The Chop shop, YMCA, Church hall, Samaritans, The Plough Inn and at Lucy Allan's constituency offices.  Everyone was very friendly and supportive of the group which was really positive.  We were also delighted to have received our new #TT4C pull up banner!  If you would like to borrow it for a display at your organisation or event then please CONTACT us.   

#TT4C Meet with Lucy Allan MP for Telford
20th April 2018

Members of the management team for #TT4C met with Lucy Allan, Member of Parliament for Telford on Friday 20th April 2018, to discuss #TT4C and how to work better collaboratively within the community.  The meeting was really positive, bursting with enthusiasm and was time well spent.  

Craig (TT4C), Lucy Allan MP & Anji (TT4C)