Welcome to the  KIDS page 

Here we will try and make you understand the importance of staying safe, who you can trust, what you should NEVER do and what you should ALWAYS do.  

Well that's easy. 


We need to stay safe and keep away from harm and from bad people.  We all want and deserve to live a happy life without being sad, frightened or hurt.  Our lives are OURS and we all want to have fun and be happy and being safe is so very important.  Keeping ourselves safe means our Mums and Dads won't worry too much about us, and that is a good thing!


What we must ALWAYS do?

We need to follow some simple rules to stay safe.  Here are some things that we should always DO that will help us stay safe. 

Always remember: 


Say NO to strangers

Always tell if someone is trying to make you do something that you do not want to

Tell parents about anyone who wants you to keep a secret about them 

Let parents know where you are going and with who

Understand where your 'Private Parts' are and why they are private

Tell your parents when someone you do not know tries to make friends with you online

Talk to your parents about your friends and new friends

Tell straight away if you are being bullied

Always tell your parents if a new friend or stranger wants to buy you gifts


What we must NEVER do?

There are some golden rules in staying safe and we must always remember them, these are really important too 

Always remember: 

Never accept gifts from strangers

Never accept friend requests from people you do not know

Never wander off with strangers, ever!

Never, ever, give people pictures of your body

Never keep secrets from your parents 

Never agree to doing something you are not happy with

Never let anyone touch your private parts

Hey, Do you like watching videos? 

Have a look on the video below '
My Body is My Body' it is really cool and has some fun songs too!

Videos to Watch 

Take a look!


With thanks to...

This video is by 'My Body is My Body' educational programme.  It really is fun with lots of catchy songs that teach such important lessons.

With thanks to...

This video is for deaf children and contains both subtitles and British Sign Language, it is about the 'PANTS' initiative run by the NSPCC, it is really good!

With thanks to...

This video and song has been produced by the NSPCC and has a really catchy song that carries the message of what's under your pants is yours!