Being a parent isn't easy!

Being a parent isn't easy, we know that! 

Trying to keep our children safe 
but happy, can be a real challenge.  Knowing whether they are OK or just want space can be difficult....

MUST look out for the signs of grooming. 
MUST understand that it could happen to our child.  
MUST prevent it.

So what do we look for? 


The signs of Grooming are not always obvious.  Groomers will go to great lengths not to be identified. 

Always check sleepover arangements

Watch out for the absence of 'normal' behaviour' or the presence of 'abnormal' behaviour
(You know your child, you know what this will look like)

Make it your business 

Recognise the signs

Do something about it

                            Watch out for: 

- Being very secretive, including about what they are doing online

- Having older Boyfriends or Girlfriends

- Going to unusual places to meet friends

-  Bruises that your child blames on fights at school but none have been reported

-  Being snappy, sudden mood swings

- Having new things like clothes or mobile phones that they wont explain

- Having access to drugs or alcohol

Look for changes...

In 'older' children, signs of grooming can easily be mistaken for 'normal' teenage behaviour, but you may notice unexplained changes in behaviour or personality or inappropriate sexual behaviour for their age   

Learn & understand

Do you REALLY know?

So, have you actually asked yourself 'Do I really know what my children are doing online, or on their phones?' ..... and do you?


I suspect there are many adults out there who haven't got the first clue, and are a victim of technology that leaves them behind, not knowing what their children are up to online whether on their tablets, mobile phones or computers.  As a responsible adult/parent, YOU MUST make it YOUR business to understand what they are doing and ensure that they are as safe as possible whilst online.  

Teen Apps.....

We know technology can be challenging for some, but we will hopefully give you some pointers to help you keep an eye on what your children are up to online.  Start off by looking at the poster to the right for a list of 10 'Apps' (Mobile Telephone Applications) that teenagers are currently using....... 

Click here!
  • How many 'Friends' do they have on Facebook?

  • Who are they 'Snapchatting' and what are they sending?  Snapchatting doesn't allow for snaps to be saved, BUT pictures received CAN be screen-saved and kept!

  • What pictures are they posting on their Instagram feed?

  • Do you even know what their profile name/picture is?


You NEED to watch this video on SNAP CHAT.  Get the parents guide HERE

Talk to your children about staying safe online....
Make sure you teach them not to talk with strangers.....
That they NEVER send pictures of themselves....
Encourage them to talk and YOU to listen...
Manage your parental settings on your wifi....
Encourage them to use their devices in your presence
Regularly check their friends on social media platforms....
Trust them, but remind them of the dangers....

Please visit the 'My Body is My Body site, a great resource with fantastic material for children to watch.  Video also on the KIDS page

Visit 'PACE' through the link on the left.  A great site with some very useful information for parents.

Learn from the EXPERTS!

Don't just take our word for it, check out the videos below created by 'CEOP'  

CEOP are a great source of information and guidance, visit the their site...

Click here to visit site

Make it your business