So, being a teenager can be a laugh, it has its ups and downs but it aint all bad, is it? Sometimes parents can be a bit full on with 'Do this' and 'Don't do that' and 'Don't stay out late' or 'Call me when you get there'.  All we want is a bit of independence and parents can be a bit embarrassing, almost wanting to wrap us up in cotton wool! If only they could lay off a bit and leave us to it, after all we are teenagers and know what's what........Don't we??

Growing up has it fair share of challenges and life can really throw some curve balls when you least expect it.  But we need to make sure, above all, that we are safe, ok, free from harm and abuse.  We need to keep our eye out for those horrible people who want to prey on us to fulfil their own warped desires.  One of the threats that faces teenagers and young people is Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).  Do you know what that is?  

On this page we will look at what CSE is and how we can make sure that we do not become a victim of it


Barnado's is the largest children's charity in the UK.  They define it as being: 

"Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of child abuse. It happens when a young person is encouraged, or forced, to take part in sexual activity in exchange for something.


  • The reward might be presents, money, alcohol, or simply emotional attention.

  • It can happen to any child or young person.

  • It might seem like a normal friendship or relationship to begin with.

  • It can happen online or offline, and without the young person being aware of it"


Check out this video from the NSPCC, it might make a little more sense....

With thanks to the NSPCC for the  video



Now we are getting to understand what CSE is, we need to know what to do if we feel that someone is trying to exploit us or is sexually exploiting a friend or someone we know..... 

If you or the person is in immediate danger call the Police on 999
Trust your instinct, if something looks wrong, it probably is!
Tell an adult that you can trust, your parents, a teacher, a relative...
Talk to the person you are worried about, tell them your concerns
Do not ignore it - Do not think it is not your business


Listen to the link below, It is a story about Danny.  Danny is a male survivor and a campaigner against sexual abuse and exploitation.  The rap carries Danny's emotional story through song.....It's POWERFUL!

With thanks to Shatter Boys UK for the  video


It is really important to understand that there are people, organisations and support groups that CAN help.  It is also so important that if you are being sexually exploited or abused or if know or suspect someone is then you MUST report it, speak to the police who have special support teams and who can help.  

Visit our SUPPORT PAGE to find a load of links to websites for effective support agencies. Do something, doing nothing is not an option.